Friday, 22 February 2013

Writing Essentials

I don't know about you, but the most important thing I need for writing in the winter - after the obvious laptop, of course - is a pair of fingerless gloves. By the time I've wrapped up in layers of fleeces, knitted paraphernalia and chunky slippers, I can barely move, so it's probably a good thing I only need my eyes, brain and fingers to do the work.

It's trying to snow here today. I shouldn't complain because it'll only be the second time this winter and it's not as if it looks like it's going to settle. What a relief!

Another essential I love to have are How To books and a recent purchase of mine was, Dummies Guide to Writing a Novel and Getting Published  by George Green and Lizzie Kramer. Lizzie Kramer is literary agent to some well known authors including Scarlett Bailey and Lucy Diamond, and this book is full of useful tips and explanations. I really enjoyed it and will keep it in my bookcase next to Stephen King's On Writing, Carole Blake's From Pitch to Publication and Jane Wenham-Jones' Wannabe A Writer? I suppose if I wannabe a writer I'd better get on and write.

What are your writing essentials?