Sunday, 28 December 2014

12 Days of Kindle Deal - 82p

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas.

I also hope you don't mind me sharing that A Jersey Kiss: The Jersey Scene was a Boxing Day deal on Kindle and is still part of the 12 Days of Kindle deal and briefly on sale for 82p.

Back to work for me tomorrow, but for the rest of today I'll be working on edits for A Jersey Dreamboat, Book 3 of the Jersey Scene series.

Georgina X

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Books, Writing and Reading

My lovely publishers, Accent Press, and they really are brilliant, have now set up the Accent Press Readers & Writers page on Facebook. If you want to discover new writers, books, as well as take part in lots of chat, here's the link.

One of the most exciting days of my life has to be in August this summer when I was checking my emails on my phone on the way to work - I was on the bus I hasten to add, not driving at the time - to discover an email from my now editor saying they'd love to publish my Jersey romances, now renamed as the Jersey Scene series!

The support at Accent Press is incredible and as well as getting to know the team behind the scenes, I've met many fun and friendly authors whose books are being constantly downloaded to my Kindle. Mind you, I'm in the process of drafting book 3 of my Jersey Scene series, A Jersey Dreamboat, so I don't have as much reading time as I'd like right now.

After writing book 4, A Jersey Bombshell, I'll be working a Christmas novella to go with the series for next year and thanks to one of my sisters, I now have the inspiration I was looking for as my plot!

Hope to see you over at the Accent Press Readers and Writers page!

Georgina   X

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Guest Post -The Magical Inspiration Pond by Pippa Croft

One of the most frequent questions I get asked by readers is: “Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?”
I wish I could say I dip my hand into the Magical Inspiration Pond and pull out a shimmering fully formed story! In reality, the answer is much less exciting; like most writers, I get my ideas from anywhere and everywhere. For the many people who tell me they’d like to write a book too, I realise that answer isn’t very inspiring. But actually, it’s good news, because if there is no ‘magic’ it means that anyone can write a novel if they really want to. (The magic word there is want.)
Before I started my first novel, I had no idea how authors found inspiration and how they sustained a fictional tale for 100,000 words. I assumed that Real Writers were born with an in-built ability to think up and tell a story. Well, maybe some people are born story tellers but having written 13 books in ten years and got to know hundreds of novelists, I am convinced that most writers aren’t ‘born’ – they study and practise their craft just like any other professional.
As a writer, you start to view the world in a different way: in a slightly more detached way. I worked as a journalist for a few years and was always on the lookout for good local features. Nowadays I’m still always on the lookout - but for interesting characters and great ‘hooks’ for a novel. As a writer, boring moments become fascinating – waiting for a train; sitting in an airport lounge... watching people interact, listening to the way they speak... As for dull tasks like doing the ironing or travelling as a passenger on a long journey – they’re precious moments when your mind can wander and you’re open to fresh ideas or thoughts previously hidden in your sub-conscious. I got the ideas for two of my novels while travelling back from holidays.
Even horrible things like going to the dentist or confronting someone unpleasant can be turned to your advantage. Analyse your feelings, embrace the discomfort – it will soon be over and you can use the experience in a book.
As for that unpleasant person; while they’re ranting or being a pain, ask yourself what motivates them to be so annoying? Do they have self-esteem issues or are they just an idiot? Whatever you decide, they can go in your novel too and fictional revenge can be very satisfying!
Activities like reading the newspaper, watching TV or surfing the Net often throw up endless opportunities for ideas. A story about a man who proposed during the ad break in his girlfriend’s favourite TV programme gave me the premise for one of my books. I also find settings inspire me, especially dramatic and beautiful places that have had an emotional effect on me. That’s what happened with the Oxford Blue series.
I spent three years studying at Oxford and I’ve never forgotten that exciting, scary, intense period of my life. It’s been an amazing experience to revisit those heady days through the eyes of Lauren and Alexander, although it’s taken me a long time to finally get there!
Once you open your mind, you’ll find that inspiration pops up more and more. You really have found the Magic Inspiration Pond and you keep dipping your hand in until you pull out an idea that glitters and shimmers just for you.

Third Time Lucky – #3 in the Oxford Blue Series by Pippa Croft and is out now!
For fans of Sylvia Day and E. L. James, the third and final part of this exciting romance series.
'It's Sister Dixon from the Royal Infirmary here. I'm sorry to tell you that Captain Hunt has been involved a serious incident.'
Lauren Cusack should be on her way home for an holiday in Washington before her final term at Wyckham College, Oxford. But this call changes everything. Her relationship with impossibly handsome aristocrat Alexander Hunt has been turbulent and Lauren knows she needs to walk away. Yet now as she rushes to his side she knows she will be inevitably sucked back into his world.
And sure enough, Alexander - even a seriously injured Alexander - is an intoxicating cocktail Lauren cannot resist and despite everything that is sent to thwart them - and with Alexander there is drama at every turn - she finds herself happier than she's ever been.
But as her final term races by, and she is offered the perfect job back in Washington, the impossibility of their romance hits home.
Can there be a future for Alexander and Lauren?
The love trials of Lauren and Alexander continue in the third book in Pippa Croft's brilliant new Oxford Blue romance series.
Fans of E L James, Tammara Webber and Samantha Young won't be able to get enough of Pippa Croft's Oxford Blue romance series. Lauren and Alexander's journey begins in The First Time We Met, and follows on in the brilliant sequel, The Second Time I Saw You, which are both available as Penguin e-books.

About the Author
Pippa Croft is the pen name of an award-winning romantic novelist. After studying English at Oxford, she worked as a copywriter and journalist before writing her debut novel, which won the RNA's New Writers' award and was later made into a TV movie. She lives in a village in the heart of England with her husband and daughter.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother by Christie Barlow

 This book has been described as:
'A hilarious observation of playground politics.' and 'As funny as it is true...'

Ever had the pleasure of collecting your children from the school playground? Even if you haven't this is a hilarious must read.

A month by month comical tale of a young mother fighting for her place in the world against the backdrop of the Playground Mafia.

As her life unfolds and she takes us through from one amusing anecdote to another the characters come to life. There is Penelope who has a lot more going on in her life than she bargained for and Mrs Noland who has a lot less than she claims, not to mention Rupert who is a VERY busy man. With Mrs High School Musical, The International Sex God and The Frisky Pensioner, the characters are undeniably fascinating and leave you compelled to read more.

Who knew that one false move in the playground, one step in the wrong direction or smile at the wrong person could lead to such complications?

The witty one liners and side splitting stories will keep you amused from beginning to end.

Lively and entertaining, a hilarious comedy that every playground mother can relate to.
Author Bio
Christie Barlow is the author of A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother. The book is a month by month comical tale of a young mother fighting for her place in the world against the backdrop of the Playground Mafia. This is a hilarious lively and entertaining first novel by Christie that every playground mother can relate to. A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother was inspired by Christie's fascination into the everyday playground politics and dynamics of primary school mothers. With four children all at various stages in their education, daily school life and friendships have provided a lot of inspiration for this comical fictional novel. Christie was born in the North West of England in 1973 and attended school in Cheshire until she went on to have a very successful career in the Civil Service. Christie currently lives in a small village in Staffordshire with her husband and four children and lots of animals!


The amazon page is

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Summer's Coming!

Okay, so maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it will be in, um *counts on fingers*, eight months or so. In the meantime though, if you're craving a reminder of what summer feels like, you could transport yourself to a hot and sunny, Jersey summer with beach polo, secret romantic hideaways and lots of conflict.

A Jersey Kiss is out now with Accent Press!

Here are the links: &
Georgina X

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Everything Changes But You: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

Today I'm welcoming talented and very lovely author, Jennifer Joyce, to my blog to talk about her latest book, Everything Changes But You, which is out now!

The main theme of my book, Everything Changes But You, is that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Sometimes we want something so badly, we don’t see that what we have is pretty special already, and that is definitely the case for Ally. Ally is a bit fed up with her life and feels it lacks excitement, especially when she constantly hears all about the wonderful life her colleague Kelly leads. Kelly is a bit of a party girl, the kind who shows up to the office on a Monday morning with a gash on her forehead because she slipped while having a drunken dance on a bar. Ally doesn’t necessarily want to injure herself, but she does covet the excitement and spontaneity of Kelly’s life. When was the last time Ally danced on a bar? Never, is the answer.

Kelly is in her early twenties, a fact that rankles with Ally who is rapidly approaching thirty. She won’t admit it out loud, but Ally is jealous of Kelly’s youth. She still has the majority of her twenties ahead of her, to be wild and free while Ally is expected to start popping out babies any second now.

Ally wants what Kelly has. And when she makes a birthday wish to have a life like Kelly’s, it comes true. Ally suddenly has all the things she desires; glamour, excitement and freedom. But what about all those things she has taken for granted? A loving husband, close family and great friends? Where do these fit into her new life? And is Kelly’s life truly as wonderful as it appears on the surface?

Ally is about to discover that the grass really isn’t greener on the other side. But is too late to reclaim the life that she once had?

Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with her husband and their two daughters. Everything Changes But You is her second novel and is available as an ebook now.

You can find out more about Jennifer and her books at:

Monday, 22 September 2014

Published - A Jersey Kiss: The Jersey Scene

Ever since Accent Press offered to publish the first four books of my romance series, The Jersey Scene, life has been a little surreal. Yesterday, was a busy day at work and, I thought, a typical Monday. Not at all. My freshly edited book, A Jersey Kiss, is now available to buy on Amazon and if I said I was happy that would be a huge understatement.

Many, many thanks to Accent Press for taking on my books - I can't tell you how amazed I am to be lucky enough to have signed with them - and to my brilliant and very talented friend, bestselling author, Christina Jones for believing in me and telling me - at least a hundred and fifty-two times - that I could do it!

Georgina X

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Best Things in Life Are Free by Laura James

I remember the Flying Lizard’s version of Money (That’s What I Want), written by Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford, although I’m aware The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Barrett Strong covered it long before 1979. The song played on the radio when we were on one of our research trips to Chesil Beach, in Dorset, and ultimately solved a plot problem for my new paperback, Follow Me, Follow You, set on the southwest coast of the UK.
The funny thing about the song is it’s actually about wanting money, even though the lyrics acknowledge that the best things in life are free.

My heroine in Follow Me, Follow You, Victoria Noble, owner and director of Britain’s most successful social networking site, EweSpeak, has pots of money. She has so much money, she’s reached a point where she will never have to worry about working ever again, assuming the business continues to grow.

She has a grand split-level London apartment, a natty two-seater sports car, and spends Christmas at Klosters. Her son, Seth has access to pretty much anything a four-year-old could want.

Ah. Well, that’s not strictly true. Seth has access to consumer goods, should he desire them ‒ video game consoles, books, clothes, toys ‒ a young lad’s idea of heaven. Victoria has everything at her disposal, too, and she’s discovered money resolves most problems.

So, imagine, as I sometimes do, your numbers have come up on the Euro Millions and you’re the sole winner of seventy-eight million. How would this affect your life?

My first action, once the money was in my bank and cleared, would be to pay off the mortgage and any outstanding loans, including ours, of anyone in my immediate family. The next would be a massive family holiday-of-a-lifetime, followed by a massive friends holiday-of-a-lifetime. We would probably renew the car, invest in our own IT and writing businesses and buy some new clothes, and ensure our children’s futures were financially secure.

Once that rush was over, the reality and responsibility of having acquired so much money would kick in. What about the friends who could use a helping hand? What about charities? What about making sure we’re not taken for a ride by unscrupulous and greedy ‘advisors’? I suppose we’d pay to ensure we have the best people guiding us, but I’m feeling the pressure just thinking about it. I find I’m asking, ‘Is there an amount of money that is too much?’ What is the perception of well-off? Comfortable? At what level does money become destructive?

Victoria wasn’t born into a wealthy family and she works hard to maintain a successful business, but at what price? What is the true value of money when compared to life, love and happiness?

No real answers here, but I do know watching and hearing the sea wash over the pebbles at Chesil Beach, while my children build Minecraft-type stone towers is one of the best things in life, and I can do that with empty pockets and a smile on my face.

Laura E. James' book, Follow Me, Follow You, is published by Choc Lit and is out now!
You save me and I'll save you...

Victoria Noble has pulled the plug on romance. As director of the number one social networking site, EweSpeak, and single mother to four-year-old Seth, she wrestles with the work-life balance.
Enter Chris Frampton, Hollywood action hero and Victoria's first love. His return from LA has sparked a powder keg of media attention, and with secrets threatening to fuel the fire, he's desperate to escape.
But finding a way forward is never simple. Although his connection with Victoria is as strong as when he was nineteen, has he been adrift too long to know how to move on?

With the risk of them breaking, will either #follow their heart?
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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Writing & Being Published

It's almost two weeks since I signed a contract with the fabulous Accent Press for them to publish the four books from my Jersey Romance Series, and I still can't quite believe it.

In case you missed me whooping about it on Facebook and Twitter... Stop it, there must be someone out there I haven't told yet. No? Oh, yes, look, there's someone over there....

Where was I? Oh yes, A Jersey Kiss and A Jersey Affair (books 1 and 2) will be republished soon by Accent Press, and I'm now drafting the third book in the series, A Jersey Dreamboat.

Right, I'd better get on and write this book, I don't want to let my publisher down. *whispers* I have a publisher, did I tell you? I did? Oh, okay then. Right, I'd better go and write the book.

Georgina X

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Songs from the Ashes by Megan Whitson Lee

Megan Whitson Lee grew up in Tennessee but moved to the Washington, D.C. area as a teenager.  her self-published first novel All That is Right and Holy won second place in the 2009 Christian Choice Book Awards. Today Megan is answering a few questions about her latest book.

1. Welcome to my blog, Megan. Please can you describe Songs from the Ashes in twenty words? 

A story of past wounds, present desires, and the decision between faithfulness, sacrifice and commitment, or desire, lust, and betrayal. 

2. What is your writing process, are you a plotter, or do you start with an idea and see where the story takes you as you write?

I do a little of both. I usually start with an idea—and I might even write out the first chapter or so and see where it goes—then I plot. I keep a spiral notebook in which I outline all the main characters’ traits, their background, their goals and motivations. Every day when I’m finished writing, I outline what plot points I’ll cover in the next day’s writing.

3. You describe Songs from the Ashes as a modern retelling of the classic Edith Wharton novel The Age of Innocence, exploring the dilemma between the pursuit of dreams and personal happiness versus contentment in God’s plan for marriage and love. Can you tell us your inspiration behind this book?
I’ve always loved “tortured love” stories. Edith Wharton’s novel fascinated me because there was this great passion between these two people, but there was also an immense amount of restraint. That’s not something people are too familiar with nowadays, so the challenge for me was to modernize the story in a way that made sense.  So in my novel, these are people wrestling with a moral dilemma—whether to fulfil commitments and make sacrifices  and work towards a future of lasting happiness, or to throw off all restraint and seek after something temporal that seems more exciting and less binding. I also really wanted to write a story set in my hometown of Kingsport, Tennessee and incorporate a country music “Nashville” element into the book, so it worked well that Ella was involved in the music scene.   

4.  What do you think was the most valuable thing you learnt from your time working as a Literary Assistant in London?

Well, first of all I learned that I LOVE London. I really, really love the UK in general, but at that time—I was twenty-five years old, and London was an exciting, culturally rich city that offered all of the opportunity I was looking for. And I really wanted to make my home in London. I tried a couple of different times to stay. When I first arrived, I was looking for a job in the music industry, but I ended up working as a literary assistant, and through that opportunity, I learned literature, theatre, and writing were my true passions. At Soho Theatre Company, I was doing exactly what I wanted to do—working in a theatre with wonderful people, reading interesting manuscripts, viewing plays I never would have seen otherwise—I was really a part of something I cared about. This experience was instrumental in my subsequent pursuit of a degree in Creative Writing once I returned to the US. 

5.  Your self-published first novel, All that is Right and Holy, won second place in the 2009 Christian Choice Book Awards, which must have been incredibly exciting. Can you tell us a little about it the awards?

Well, at the time the excitement of the award was usurped by the fact that I’d just gotten an agent for the book and had pulled it from the self-publishing company because she was shopping it around to publishing houses. So I won this award, which might have increased sales for me, but no one could buy it because it wasn’t available. And then after two years, we thought we had a publisher interested in taking on the book, but then they decided not to do it. So now it’s available again. The timing on all of that was unfortunate, but I still think it’s a great novel. It deals with the subject of sex trafficking, which is a cause I’m quite passionate about.

6. What was your journey to being a published author?

After things didn’t work out with the first book (in terms of traditional publishing), I went back to the drawing board, and started writing again. A friend I work with submitted her YA novel to a small publishing house and they wanted to publish it, so it occurred to me that I might be able to do this without an agent. After I finished Song from the Ashes, I began aggressively submitting it to smaller publishers that would look at manuscripts without an agent. In February of this past year, eLectio contacted me and wanted to publish it. It was one of the best days of my life!

7.  What’s the most important advice you would give to someone who might be considering writing their own book?
I honestly think determination and perseverance are the most important traits for anyone who wants to be published. I know those terms sound clich├ęd, but this is not a business where someone can just sit back and dabble at the process. It really needs to be viewed as a second job (if you have a first one) and there needs to be a plan for pursuing the desired outcome. Then you have to ignore rejections and keep pushing forward.

8. What are you working on at the moment?

My current work in progress is a contemporary Gothic novel set in Virginia wine country. The story is narrated by a woman who has lived much of her young life in a cult, and now, newly married to a vineyard owner, she is experiencing all sorts of strange people and phenomena. Terrifying events unfold both inside and outside the house as she discovers her husband’s past with a wife who was involved with witchcraft and strange occult groups, and who mysteriously disappeared four years earlier. It will be a spooky one.

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

Looking forward to this...

I'm looking forward to taking part in the blog tour for, Everything Changes But You, by lovely Jennifer Joyce.

The blog tour begins on 22th September and I'll be inviting Jennifer her on 28th.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Place Called Home by G A Whitmore

Today, I'm welcoming author Gail Whitmore to my blog to tell us a little about her new book.

This was a tough one. Tying my book A Place to Call Home: Toby’s Tale to romance. At first I thought it couldn’t be done. I was defeated before I even began. But then I decided to look up the official definition of the word, and lo and behold, there were five definitions of romance to choose from. This task had just gotten easier for me. Certainly one would meet my need. And one did. This one:

         (3):  a love story especially in the form of a novel

I was saved! A Place to Call Home is a love story. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. But no doubt, Toby was one of the loves of my life. He wooed me and won me over without even trying. I was swept off my feet. He was my literal (excuse the pun) white knight. If that isn’t romance, what is? Okay, so there wasn’t any S E X involved, but my definition of romance has evolved at this stage in my life. Let’s just say it’s gone from the more of the physical to more of the metaphysical. 
Mission accomplished. Time to move on to the wolf-dog part of this blog post. We have to go back in time a little bit. 1989. My son and I had stopped at the Connecticut Humane Society after doing some Saturday afternoon shopping just to “look” at the dogs. I had never lived with a dog. I had three cats for goodness sake, there was no way I was adopting a dog. I know what you’re thinking. You don’t even have to read the rest of this because you know what happened, right? Ok, you’re right, but read the rest anyway, please
As I was slowly walking up and down the aisles of cages, my son called me over to one of the pens in the back of the room. A beautiful white dog was huddled in the corner. It wasn't until I got closer that I saw the fear in his eyes. I found it hard to look away. No, I found it impossible to look away. A woman who worked there saw us by the cage and came over to say hello. I asked her what had happened to the dog, and she proceeded to tell us his tale. His story was heart-breaking, and he was only seven months old.
I won’t get into the details of his backstory here (you can read the book if your curiosity is getting the best of you). When she was done telling me Toby’s sad tale, she hesitated, and then proceeded to tell me that a veterinarian who had examined him in northern California where he was originally rescued thought he might be part wolf.

I’m usually one who has to weigh all my options and take my time to make a decision. I’m always the last one to order in a restaurant, so that tells you something. And you would think the fact that Toby could be part wolf would be a little off-putting to someone known as the cat woman, that it might dissuade me, right? But I decided right then and there without giving it a second thought that I was going to adopt this dog. It was the fastest decision I ever made, and I haven’t come close since.

It was a couple of years after that fateful Saturday that I decided to put Toby’s tale down on paper. To fill in the gaps of his backstory. To share the life of this beautiful soul with the world. My time with Toby seemed fleeting. From the moment our eyes first locked on to each other we belonged to each other. Ten years passed quickly, and then he was gone. But he changed my life forever and for the better. That’s romance.

Every rescue dog has a tale to tell, a story uniquely their own.
A Place to Call Home is Toby’s tale.

Born on a small farm in northern California, Toby’s carefree days as a puppy are cut short when he narrowly escapes the death sentence imposed upon him by his breeder. Through a series of events driven by good intentions, he finds himself in a Connecticut suburb, where life with his new family soon collapses on him, and his newfound happiness is brutally destroyed.

On his quest to find a place to call home, Toby encounters and endures the best and worst of humanity, as he comes face to face with sorrow and joy, fear and courage, and ultimately, with the power of love.

Part of the proceeds of from the sale of each book will be donated to an organization of the author’s choice that promotes and advocates for the protection and welfare of dogs.

Was this another dream? Who would visit him in this dream?

As if in answer to his question, a large pack of wolves and dogs slowly materialized out of the enshrouding gray and one-by-one encircled him.

The snow stopped falling. All was still and quiet.

A long, wailing howl pierced the silence.

Followed by another.

Then another.

After a few moments, a chorus of howls erupted from the group that now surrounded Toby. A primordial urge rose within him. He stood up and shook off the light layer of snow that had accumulated on his fur. The urge grew stronger, more compelling, until he realized his own voice had joined the others. The multitude of voices became one as they howled on and on, until the cry reached its crescendo and abruptly ended, leaving an echoing silence around them once again.

A large, white figure approached Toby.

“Welcome to our pack, Toby.” The figure turned, and with a nod of his head, indicated the others. He turned back to Toby. “How did you come to be here?”

          Toby tried to find his voice, but the howl still reverberated in his throat. When he finally spoke, his reply was weak and raspy. “I don’t know. I don’t even know where here is.” He hesitated, and then asked, “How do you know my name?”

“My name is Strider, Toby. I am your grandfather.”

Strider! The memory of lying with Tara next to his mother as she told them the story of Sadie and Strider came flooding back to him and he felt a warmth of emotion flow through his body.

“Where is this place? How did I get here?” Toby asked.

Strider paused in thought for a moment, and then replied, “This land is a different place for different creatures, yet it is the same place for all creatures. For us,” Strider swept his large head around him, “this is the place we call home.”

 About the Author
Ms. Whitmore’s passion for writing and her love of dogs come together in her series The Rescue Dog Tales. The first book in the series, A Place to Call Home, was inspired by Toby, an abused dog she adopted from the Connecticut Humane Society. Ms. Whitmore currently lives in Connecticut with her two rescue dogs, Kadee and Zeus.

Author/community Facebook page

The giveaway is 3 x bracelets which have been uniquely designed by a graphic artist and link with the story.

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Friday, 1 August 2014

Blimey, My Books Are Where?

In the Waterstones Jersey Book Charts, that's where, and for a second week, too. 

No one was more surprised, bemused, oh, and wildly excited, of course - than me.

A Jersey Kiss made it to #3 and A Jersey Affair to #7 in last week's Book Charts. (The only time I'll ever be higher than Robert Gilbraith (JKR) in any book chart!)

So, a huge THANK YOU to Waterstones Jersey for stocking my books - you've made a writer who, probably like most new writers out there, is severely lacking in confidence, despite the constant bravado shown on Facebook, Twitter and probably here on this blog.

And a big, sloppy kiss to everyone who has been kind enough to buy my books, both at Waterstones and online, and especially to those of you who have taken the time to post reviews!

To celebrate, the kindle version of A Jersey Affair is free all this weekend on &

Georgina X

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hump Day Blog Hop

As Ernest Hemingway said: 'There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.'
...and then after you finish writing the first 'dirty' draft, rewriting several or ten further drafts, editing, proofreading, editing, checking again, editing a bit more, you have to promote your book.

We do have Facebook, Twitter and of course, blogs, which are great for a writer who wants to showcase their book, but it is difficult to find ways to let people know your book is out there without constantly feeling like you're saying, 'buy my book', or showing off in some way. As I said in my previous Hump Day Blog post, writers are incredibly supportive and I've met, both online and physically, many new writers and all of them have been lovely. I'm a member of quite a few writers' groups, especially on Facebook, but being an essentially shy person, albeit a noisy one in real life, I find putting myself out there more difficult than any aspect of writing the actual book.

Someone told me at my first conference about seven years ago that if I wanted to write and for people to notice my book, I needed to move my comfort zone from somewhere within me to being 'out there', and that I had to stop being so shy when talking about my book. I have learnt to do that a bit, but it isn't something that comes naturally to me.

So, can you tell me how do you feel about promoting your book/s and how do you go about it?