Friday, 1 August 2014

Blimey, My Books Are Where?

In the Waterstones Jersey Book Charts, that's where, and for a second week, too. 

No one was more surprised, bemused, oh, and wildly excited, of course - than me.

A Jersey Kiss made it to #3 and A Jersey Affair to #7 in last week's Book Charts. (The only time I'll ever be higher than Robert Gilbraith (JKR) in any book chart!)

So, a huge THANK YOU to Waterstones Jersey for stocking my books - you've made a writer who, probably like most new writers out there, is severely lacking in confidence, despite the constant bravado shown on Facebook, Twitter and probably here on this blog.

And a big, sloppy kiss to everyone who has been kind enough to buy my books, both at Waterstones and online, and especially to those of you who have taken the time to post reviews!

To celebrate, the kindle version of A Jersey Affair is free all this weekend on &

Georgina X

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  1. Congratulations Georgina!-must be a wonderful feeling.x