Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cupid’s Way – the new romantic comedy from Joanne Phillips

“When Evie Stone’s grandparents enlist her help to save their home in Cupid’s Way, Evie is happy to oblige. On the cusp of her thirties, and still disappointingly single, Evie’s so-called dream job with a firm of architects has been driving her crazy for months. What she needs, even more than a new man, is a challenge.

But saving Cupid’s Way won’t be easy. A perfectly preserved Victorian terrace, surrounded by modern estates and retail parks, the street is a proud oasis of quirky characters, cobbled pathways and communal gardens. Unfortunately, it also sits on prime development land worth millions.

Dynamite Construction have the deal in the bag, and soon the residents of Cupid’s Way will be forced to sell up and ship out – CEO Michael Andrews, charismatic and super-successful, has certainly never let sentimentality get in the way of business. At least, he hadn’t until he met Evie Stone.”

Joanne Phillips lives in rural Shropshire with her husband and young daughter. She’s the author of romantic comedies Can’t Live Without and The Family Trap, and the Flora Lively series of mysteries. Can’t Live Without was an Amazon top 20 bestseller in 2012 and her books regularly appear on category bestseller lists. Before becoming a writer, Joanne had jobs as diverse as hairdresser, air hostess and librarian, but now divides her time between writing and finding creative ways to avoid housework. She’s a fan of super-dark chocolate, iced coffee and Masterchef. Joanne blogs about writing and publishing at

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hump Day Blog Hop

One of the best aspects of being a writer is making friends with other writers.

I love supporting other writers and often have guests on this blog to help spread the word about their latest book. I believe that although family and friends are very supportive, the only people who truly understand the angst, crippling insecurities and shyness of someone who probably seems to be spending a lot of time promoting their book, is other writers.

You write something from the heart, spend months editing, tweaking, improving it as much as you can, then you release it hoping as many people as possible will read it. It must be very strange to people who don't write to understand how far a writer has to step out of their comfort zone to promote their book.

So, let's celebrate stepping out of our comfort zone and party!

Like to party? Hop along the Hump Day Blog Hop on Julie Valerie’s Book Blog. Click here to return to the Hump Day Blog Hop.

Jersey Romance Books in Waterstones!


Going into Waterstones, in King Street (Jersey) and seeing my books, A Jersey Kiss and A Jersey Affair, on display was something I've dreamt about for years. To be honest, it never actually occurred to me that this dream would ever have a chance of becoming a reality, so I still can't quite believe it's happened.

Thanks to the lovely Waterstones people for stocking /
selling my books, you've made me very, very happy.

I think I need to have a glass of something bubbly to celebrate!



Sunday, 22 June 2014

Summer Solstice - Jersey

The weather is perfect - warm, sunny, blue cloudless skies, and it was the Summer Solstice yesterday - here's a photo of the Summer Solstice sunset from my bedroom window.

I love this glorious weather and being able to wander around my garden taking in the abundance of colour of the plants and breathing in the heady scent of the honeysuckle and roses, as I contemplate plotlines in the next of my Jersey Romance Series - A Jersey Dreamboat. Who needs a writing room when you've got weather like this and can write anywhere outside?

I hope we have a long, warm, relaxed summer ahead of us. X

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Welcoming Natalie Kleinman

Today, I'm welcoming author Natalie Kleinman, who's pocket novel, SECRET LOVE, is out on 17th July, here's the link to her author page on the Safkhet website.

Here's the link to Natalie's blog where she talks about her route to publication, the recent e-publication of her first book, Voyage of Desire (Safkhet Publishing), and imminent publication on 17th July of her People’s Friend Pocket Novel, Secret Love, (DC Thomson).

Twitter: @NatKleinman
Facebook: Natalie.kleinman

Natalie's Books:
VOYAGE OF DESIRE - (Safkhet Publishing 1st June 2014) & Webpage: Voyage of Desire
SECRET LOVE - (DC Thomson – 17th July 2014)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

40th Birthday Swag Bag Blog Hop

Thanks very much for the fabulous and talented Sheryl Browne for tagging me in this fun blog hop. Here's a link to all her wonderful books.
I have to imagine that my best friend is turning 40 and that me and a group of friends are invited to an island resort to help celebrate, bringing along my favourite things to put into a big swag bag. Here are my choices of...
The Book:
The book I'm reading at the moment is A Single Breath by Lucy Clark and it is soooo good!
The Beauty Product:
I can't be without my Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream. Useful for so many things, lipsalve, soothing sunburn, generally wonderful
The Snack Food:
I'm in to salads at the moment - I know... very out of character. However my favourite snack food has to be chocolate - yes, how predictable. So I thought I'd choose this dress covered in Lindt chocolates, and when I'd finished eating all the chocolate I'd still have a dress, scrap that, I'd have a top, to wear.
The Music Album:
I don't listen to too much music - I know, I'm odd - but I love listening and singing (badly) to, Les Miserables.
And, My Choice:
A pair of Chanel sunglasses, with a little bit of bling on them, of course. I can't go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses and I think these'll do just fine for my swag bag!
Susie Orman Schnall, author of On Grace ( started 40th Birthday Swag Bag Blog Hop. Read the original post: and she has invited her friend Elizabeth Thurer who runs the blog Pretty Pink Tulips, to branch the blog hop out to the lifestyle bloggers.
Now it's my turn to tag someone, so here's who'll be posting about her swag bag goodies on 16 June: Cathy Bramley, lovely person and fantastic author of Conditional Love and her Ivy Lane books - here's the link to find out more about Cathy's books.