Thursday, 26 May 2016

Beauty and the Recluse by Ellie Gray

Beauty and the Recluse by Ellie Gray is a contemporary romance published in February this year by Tirgearr Publishing. Here's a little bit about the book:

Following the recent death of her father, and in need of both a job and somewhere to live, Kiya takes a housekeeping job on the spur of the moment. She soon finds herself living in a beautiful but neglected mansion, working for a strange and reclusive man.

St. John is a man scarred by the past, both physically and emotionally, and is determined to live out his life alone. They are two very different people, drawn to each other almost against their will, but can Kiya convince St. John that he is not the monster he believes himself to be?

Singing softly to herself, Kiya was halfway into the room before she realised that she was not alone. From the corner of her eye, she saw St. John O’Neill spin around in surprise and she gave a startled cry, the vase slipping through her fingers to smash on the floor by her feet. He was a very tall man, easily 6ft. 5ins, broad-shouldered and muscular. His thick black hair, although clean, was long and unkempt, and his beard did not quite hide the vivid scar that ran from high on his right cheek down to his mouth. Incredibly bright blue eyes bore into her and, despite the scar and his rough, dishevelled appearance, Kiya was breathlessly aware that he was an incredibly attractive man. He continued to stare at her, radiating an aura of menace, and Kiya gave an unconscious shiver.
‘Seen enough?’ he asked coldly.
Blushing furiously, aware that she had been staring, Kiya quickly bent to pick up the pieces of shattered vase.
‘Leave it.’ His words were clipped.
‘I’m sorry, I didn’t realise what time it was. I’ll just clear…’ she babbled, nervously.
‘Dammit, I said leave it.’
Her hand jerked at his unexpected ferocity and she gave a yelp of pain as the sharp edge of the broken vase sliced her palm. She stood quickly, lifting her hand to check the severity of the cut, and felt a wave of nausea wash over her at the surprisingly profuse amount of blood pouring from the wound. She heard St. John mutter an explicit curse and looked up to see him striding quickly towards her, his expression furious.


Ellie lives in the beautiful East Riding of Yorkshire with her partner, David, and two children, Joe and Abbie.
Ellie is a contemporary romance author, published with the lovely Tirgearr Publishing, and is a proud member of the Romantic Novelist Association.
Her debut novel, Beauty and the Recluse, was published in February 2016 and her second novel, Love on the Nile, is due to be released in the Summer of 2016. Inbetween working full-time in public services and studying for an MSc in Public Management, Ellie is currently working on her third novel.
A few random pieces of information about Ellie:
  • Favourite TV shows – The Walking Dead, The X-Files, Nashville, Dr. Who, The Great British Bake-off!
  • Favourite Music – I’m an 80’s girl!, country, sixties, Elvis, classical (when I’m writing)
  • Favourite Food – Indian, tapas, crisps, cheese
  • Favourite Drink – black coffee – copious amounts when I’m writing, Sauvignon blanc when I’m not.
Facebook:         Ellie Gray Author
Twitter:              @elliegray58
Goodreads:         Ellie Gray Author on Goodreads
Instagram:           Ellie Gray Author on Instagram
Google+               Ellie Gray Author on Goole Plus
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Welcoming Kate Nimmo

I'm welcoming Kate Nimmo, author of Evergreen Copse, to my blog today to tell us about her writing tips.
Despite only being a new author, I have spent many years writing my own material which has only reached the limitations of my family. After publishing my first piece of work at the age of 11 I decided that books would eventually become my life. As a child I loved books and was a fully-fledged bookworm before leaving primary school. My love for books has never wavered but the productivity of my writing has had several dips due to life getting in the way.
Writing is a lifestyle of it's own and sadly too many people think they don't have what it takes to 'make it'. The truth is that anyone can have the potential to write, it just helps to have some useful pointers to get you started. Although not everyone will become a best-selling author with millions of pounds in the bank, there is a huge feeling of satisfaction and pride when you finish a story you've put your heart and soul into. So if you've considered trying your hand at writing, here's some starting tips to get you on your way.

The Plot
A muse can inspire you at any time but even their artistic inspiration can use your help. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to creating a plot for your writing. No matter how many forums tell you what you 'need' to write, their advice is already shaping your creation. As you begin your writing journey try writing about a past experience or even some dreams you've had. Pulling together experiences you've had along with some ideas from dreams and everyday life you may find that a plot is already forming in your mind. By listening to your own ideas instead of basing you plot around other writers' recommendations you can make a unique storyline which has more meaning to you.
I often find that I don't create characters before I start writing. As I write I find that the characters come to life in my mind as the story unfolds. When it comes to naming your characters there is never a shortage of inspiration. Using family names, your best friend or even some of your cuddly toys, there are many names you can use which also help you to shape the character. In my book Evergreen Copse the character of Bernard was actually based on a stuffed owl I made by hand at the age of 9, which I still have. The name and description of Bernard came in to play really easily once I decided to capture the traits of the owl. Brown hair, tiny footsteps and of course the name. As your experience progresses you can start to plan beforehand, but in my personal experience I let the characters do the talking and I just write down key notes of what they add to the plot.
Scouting through the internet I've seen many people asking about how long your work should be. Although publishers often look for a certain amount of words there's nothing stopping you from creating something shorter or longer. The length is justified by the story itself. A great way to become accustomed to writing full length novels is to work your way up. Try writing some short stories first. Unconsciously you will already start lengthening your pieces without even thinking about it. Progressing up to a novella, usually under 40,000 words, you can begin to develop your setting the scene language. Add descriptive text, conversations and scenic placements to lengthen and enhance your writing. Before you know it you will become so engrossed in your writing you will have hit 50,000 words without hesitation.
Writing Style
Copying another writer's style is never going to get you anywhere. Just because one author finds success with a particular style it doesn't mean it works for everyone. Writing as yourself is so important and is far more beneficial in the long run. Readers are often looking for something different to sink their eyes into. Producing something unique is not only rewarding, because it's your own, but you put something new onto the table. This quality is not something that can be taught, but if you write from the heart and with the passion you have for writing, the work you create will be inspirational.
Now you have some tips on getting started, pick up your pen and see if you can write a short story about what you've seen or done this week. You'll be surprised what you're actually capable of. Believe in yourself and happy writing!!




Inspiration Behind the Story

I just thought I'd pop by the blog and rattle off a quick post to let you know that book 3 in my Jersey Scene Series, A Jersey Dreamboat, is now down in price to £1.66 (excl tax). So, should you wish to read this book - inspired by a dreamy yachting cruise in the South of France from Marseille to Nice that my friend Carol and I took a few years ago. There were ten of us: three counts, a cousin to a well known champagne family, a wealthy industrialist's son, as well as three other girls. It was great fun, full of surprises and made memories that I'll certainly never be able to forget.

Here's the blurb:

Event planners Izzy and Jess are badly let down when a Jersey socialite hires them for the busiest weeks of the season and then cancels at the last minute, leaving the girls with no bookings and no money.
Feeling despondent, they try a night out to cheer themselves up, and meet the captivating and aristocratic Ed, who invites the two on a luxury yacht cruise to Nice, together with his two brothers. Romance builds through heady days of blue skies and warm seas, but when a last-minute wedding booking is offered, the girls must return to Jersey, and real life has to begin again … or has it?

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Books & Book Launch

Only a month to go...

It'll soon be the summer and I can't quite believe that A Jersey Bombshell, the fourth book of my Jersey Scene series for Accent Press will be published - on 17 June and is available to pre-order:…/…/ref=pd_sim_351_3…

From receiving that initial email from Accent Press in August 2014 saying that they were interested in publishing four books through to the re-launching of A Jersey Kiss in September of that year and A Jersey Affair the following Spring, to writing and seeing A Jersey Dreamboat published in August 2015, it has been fun seeing a dream come to fruition. 

Deciding where to launch my books is always a little bit daunting, but my mother suggested we hold the launch for A Jersey Dreamboat down at St Catherines breakwater/cafe and as you can see from these photos we had great fun, no doubt aided by the view and a few bottles of pink champagne kindly donated by my godmother, Mags.

And now my fourth book is about to be published. So where to hold this book launch? My husband has come up with an idea that I love, but which I'm keeping to myself for the time being. I'll post more about this closer to the time.

As with the other three books in the series, the reader will meet up with characters from each book, but the books are standalone and therefore don't have to be read in sequence. 

Blurb for A Jersey Bombshell:

A Jersey Bombshell is about a marine explorer, Gabriel, returning to his parent's Art Deco hotel in Jersey to discover that the woman, Daisy, who ran out on him after a romance in Vietnam is working for his parents as a receptionst. A lot has happened since they last saw each other and there's much more about her past that she's still dealing with than he'd realized. 

Both have moved on, but is there still feeling between them and can they find a way to work through everything that's happened since they last kissed in Vietnam?

Friday, 6 May 2016

Kacey Vanderkarr - Reflection Pond

Reflection Pond by Kacey Vanderkaar, published by Urban Fey Press

Sometimes you find home, sometimes it comes looking for you.

Callie knows a lot more about pain than she does about family. She’s never belonged, at least, not until she falls through a portal into her true home. The beautiful faerie city of Eirensae doesn’t come free. Callie must find her amulet and bind herself to the city, and most importantly, avoid the Fallen fae who seek her life. Seems like a small price to pay for the family she’s always wanted.

Then she meets cynical and gorgeous Rowan, who reads the darkness of her past in her eyes. He becomes Callie’s part-time protector and full-time pain in the ass. He has secrets of his own for Callie to unravel. What they don’t know is that the future of Eirensae lies with them, and the once peaceful city is about to become a battleground for power.

Poison Tree – Book 2

The road to the City of War is dangerous.

With their home in ruins, Callie and Rowan are Eirensae’s last hope of stealing the cauldron back from Fraeburdh. They must travel into the human world where the Fallen hide. The banished fae wait for Callie, desperate to sacrifice her before she comes of age.

If Callie and Rowan survive the journey, something worse looms in Fraeburdh. Rowan is destined for a dark family legacy too horrifying to accept, and his father is anxious to welcome him home. Once the truth is revealed, will Callie ever look at Rowan the same way?

Trapped between feuding cities lost in a centuries-old war, Callie and Rowan will face their biggest rivals yet, and neither of them will make it out unscathed.

Torch Rock – Book 3

War is coming, and she takes no prisoners. Faced with an impending battle Eirensae cannot win alone, Rowan journeys to Mac├íntacht to seek allegiance from its leader. The City of Honor is beautiful, still untouched by conflict, and full of surprises that bring Callie’s darkest experiences to the surface.

With her friends’ lives at stake, Callie must confront her past, and accept help from a faerie whose face torments her memories. Reconciling the power beneath her skin has never been more painful.

Amid persistent threats from Fraeburdh, an old enemy reemerges with deadly force. Even with Mac├íntacht fighting beside her and Rowan at her back, the odds are insurmountable. Callie’s biggest trial will come not on a blood-soaked battlefield, but in the quiet moments when she must choose.



KACEY VANDERKARR has a penchant for fantasy and frequently listens to the voices in her head--most of whom are teenagers. Her favorite place to write is an old salon chair in her kitchen, with coffee in one hand and adoring cats sprawled across her arms. She prefers her music loud and her skeptics quiet. When she's not writing, Kacey coaches winterguard, works as a sonographer, and hangs out with other weirdos like her at the Flint Area Writer's club. In addition to her novels, The Reflection Pond Series, Antithesis, and The Stone Series, Kacey's short fiction is featured in Sucker Literary Vol III, Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, and Out of the Green: Tales from Fairyland.


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