Sunday, 15 May 2016

Summer Books & Book Launch

Only a month to go...

It'll soon be the summer and I can't quite believe that A Jersey Bombshell, the fourth book of my Jersey Scene series for Accent Press will be published - on 17 June and is available to pre-order:…/…/ref=pd_sim_351_3…

From receiving that initial email from Accent Press in August 2014 saying that they were interested in publishing four books through to the re-launching of A Jersey Kiss in September of that year and A Jersey Affair the following Spring, to writing and seeing A Jersey Dreamboat published in August 2015, it has been fun seeing a dream come to fruition. 

Deciding where to launch my books is always a little bit daunting, but my mother suggested we hold the launch for A Jersey Dreamboat down at St Catherines breakwater/cafe and as you can see from these photos we had great fun, no doubt aided by the view and a few bottles of pink champagne kindly donated by my godmother, Mags.

And now my fourth book is about to be published. So where to hold this book launch? My husband has come up with an idea that I love, but which I'm keeping to myself for the time being. I'll post more about this closer to the time.

As with the other three books in the series, the reader will meet up with characters from each book, but the books are standalone and therefore don't have to be read in sequence. 

Blurb for A Jersey Bombshell:

A Jersey Bombshell is about a marine explorer, Gabriel, returning to his parent's Art Deco hotel in Jersey to discover that the woman, Daisy, who ran out on him after a romance in Vietnam is working for his parents as a receptionst. A lot has happened since they last saw each other and there's much more about her past that she's still dealing with than he'd realized. 

Both have moved on, but is there still feeling between them and can they find a way to work through everything that's happened since they last kissed in Vietnam?

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