Saturday, 22 June 2013

Paragraph Planet - My Author Page

There are so many things going on in the Troy household at the moment that I can barely find time to draw breath, but this had me doing a happy dance - something you won't want to witness - my very own author page on the brilliant Paragraph Planet site - here!

I was introduced to the Paragraph Planet website by fellow writer/blogger, Anita Chapman, but if you're not already aware of Paragraph Planet, it's a flash fiction website run by author Richard Hearn. Writers are invited to submit a 75-word piece of flash fiction - no more, no less - and if you're lucky, which I have been *whispers* three times, then your piece will be posted on the site.

On the site you can read the submissions, find links to writing groups, visit other author pages as well as reading interviews by fantastic writers such as Judy Astley, Gabrielle Kimm, Julie Cohen, Emlyn Rees and others.

Excuse me while I have a quick peak at my author page, again.

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