Sunday, 22 September 2013

What To Do On A Sunday...

I love Sundays!

I love waking on a Saturday and knowing I've got the entire weekend ahead of me, but I then feel the need to go out and meet up with people I haven't probably seen during the week, or maybe catch up with a bit of food shopping - I never have a problem when it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes or bags, but food shopping can be a little repetitive. But a Sunday is for chilling in bed, eating a late breakfast and forgetting about everything I need to do on the Monday. The television programmes on a Sunday are usually pretty good too, roll on Downtown Abbey!

Another thing I enjoy is having the entire day free to read whatever book I'm into, or simply write down ideas for my own future books. Bliss.
*whispers* There's only three days left to enter the giveaway at Fiction Addiction Tours for pens, keyrings, postcards and a mug one of two - I have the other one! (UK only, I'm afraid it's a heavy mug!) and an e-book (International entrants). Here's the link should you wish to enter. It's been a fantastic tour and there are four more stops still to make on it.
Thanks to everyone who's already entered (nearly 400 entries, so far) and for everyone involved with the tour, it's been great fun!

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