Saturday, 14 December 2013

A Merry Chick Lit Christmas

Yesterday I took part in a fun Chick Lit Chat holiday promo event with other Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction authors to spotlight funny, romantic, books that you may or may not have come across already, but that will make a great gift for Christmas.

You can follow the hashtag #ChickLit4Xmas on Twitter to find more showcased books.

I'm going to be interviewed on BBC Radio Jersey on Monday *takes a deep breath and tries not to panic* and will be answering questions about A Jersey Kiss and my writing. To say I'm a little nervous is a massive understatement and I just hope that I remember something, anything at all, about my book/characters/storylines and that I don't say 'um' 3 million times.

Today I'm going to finishing decorating the Christmas tree, wrap a few presents and lose myself in edits for, A Jersey Affair.

Happy Christmas shopping... X

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