Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Writing Magazine - Jersey cream

It was the perfect end to a miserable Tuesday when lovely Joanne Phillips left a message on Facebook telling me that she'd found my piece in Writing Magazine to be inspirational.

As I'm sure you know, I live in Jersey and at the moment we're experiencing dreadful storms, and as with everything that living on an island entails, our postal service is hampered by bad weather. So, although I'm used to waiting an extra day or so receive magazines from the UK, this time I had to wait even longer and lovely Jo scanned a copy of the piece and kindly sent it to me. I'm not sure of the protocol, so I've blanked out most of the wording, but you can be sure I'll link to the piece when it appears in Writing Magazine online.

Seeing this piece was a boost as I'm coming to the end of my edits for A Jersey Affair and getting nervous about unleashing the second book in the Jersey Romance Series out into the world - I'll be sending the book off to my proof reader at the end of the weekend and will be launching it at the beginning of April - 2nd to be precise!

As you can imagine, it was very exciting to discover that a piece I'd sent in to a magazine I've enjoyed for years had been published. Thanks again to Joanne for letting me know and sending me a copy. To find out more about Joanne, a talented and very generous writer who I've learnt a huge amount about self-publishing from, here's her blog.


  1. Looking forward to the sequel Georgina - loved the first book! xxx

  2. Thanks, Shani! I'm getting nervous about launching A Jersey Affair now and getting to the end of edits. xxx