Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Jersey Affair - Editing and Acknowledgements

A Jersey Affair is soon to be launched and I'm working through final, final, final edits before sending the manuscript off to be formatted. Now I have to think about acknowledgements and who to thank and this takes a lot of thought. *stares maniacally into the distance by a waterfall*

I don't want to miss anyone out, but equally I don't want to go on for pages. I've had such incredible support for A Jersey Kiss since I nervously launched it into the world last August, from those closest to me to people I didn't know before they helped spread the word about my debut novel.

Writers and readers are wonderfully supportive people and a new book needs all the help it can get to be discovered by readers who will hopefully enjoy it enough to leave reviews, share posts on their Facebook status, share tweets, and tell their friends about the book.

So, how to make sure you thank everyone? I still don't know... *stares into the distance once again*


  1. Will keep an eye open for this - good luck with this and your other books :)

  2. Am following you now. Thanks for the comment on my blog too :)