Saturday, 14 February 2015

Jersey Scene Series - Gorgeous Book Covers

I was delighted to see my gorgeous new covers for the first four books in my Jersey Scene series from my fabulous publishers, Accent Press. What do you think?

The cover for A Jersey Kiss is slightly different to the original cover, but the one for A Jersey Affair is very different and the covers for A Jersey Dreamboat and A Jersey Bombshell are obviously new.

Today, I'm just working on final edits for A Jersey Affair,and really enjoying spending time with gorgeous Sebastian again. A Jersey Affair will be republished very soon.

I've completed the first draft for A Jersey Dreamboat and hope my lovely editor, Cat, likes the story, and now I'm working on the fourth book, A Jersey Bombshell. On cold and blustery days like today it's wonderful to lose myself in warm summery Jersey days and nights...

Georgina X


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  2. Your covers look fabulous Georgina, and I wish you lots of success with your series of Jersey novels!

  3. You must be so pleased with your gorgeous new covers, Georgina. So inviting...

    1. Thanks very much, Rena! I'm thrilled with the covers and can't wait to see them on the books.