Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Books - Birth of a Paperback

Today I held a paperback copy of my third book, A Jersey Dreamboat, in my hands. This is an exciting moment to say the least!

After months of coming up with an idea > an outline > deciding on characters' names > where they'll live > plotting what you're going to do with them > getting the whole book down on paper and sending it off to my editor. Then comes the editing > more editing > more editing > proofreading > and on it goes until finally the book ready to be published. Holding the physical paperback in your hands is an enormous moment that makes the book finally seem real.

I'm lucky having a fantastic editor working with me, together with a team of professionals who are always ready to answer any queries I might have. Accent Press are an amazing publishing company to work with and next month it will be a year since I signed with them. The past eleven months have been busy, but fun and I've learnt an enormous amount about my own writing and the editing process. I've also enjoyed having the support of the excellent Accent Press team and my fellow Accent Press authors who I have to say are a fun, talented and very friendly bunch.

A Jersey Dreamboat is available to pre-order now. Here's the link.

Georgina X

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