Friday, 12 April 2013

Books, Popcorn & The Great Gatsby

I don't know about you, but when I'm writing and reach a bit of a blank, I usually turn to popcorn. It's supposed to be 'guilt free', so who am I to argue? Although, I think they probably don't mean four packets in one day.

There are only certain times in the day when I don't think about popcorn:
  • Reading a great book - I'm in the middle of one right now
  • Writing - when the muse is working overtime and my fingers are flying across the keyboard, hopefully connecting with the right letters.
  • When I'm sleeping, of course. Then again...

If I'm absorbed by a good film then I don't need any popcorn and one of the films I'm buzzing with excitement for is The Great Gatsby, but I'll have to wait for another month until it's shown here. All those beautiful people, gorgeous clothes, shoes... Where's that popcorn?

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