Sunday, 28 April 2013

Books, Agents & Indie Publishers

It seems to me, as a writer and lover of chick lit novels, that most authors begin their writing experience with a dream of being signed up by one of the major publishers and going down the traditional route. However, thanks to the invention of e-books and the chance to be your own indie publisher, writers now have more choice about the route they take to publication than ever before. It seems that being an indie publisher can be lucrative, as well as fun. Well, that's what I'm hoping anyway.

Here are a couple of inspirational posts I've come across from bloggers who know a thing or two (or three...) about writing.

Kate Lord Brown, is a traditionally published author of two of my favourite books, The Perfume Garden and The Beauty Chorus. If you click on the link you can read her wonderful blog filled with useful and fun posts. You can also be in with a chance of winning an unabridged audio version of her latest book, The Perfume Garden.

Strictly Writing, an inspirational blog for writers. Their most recent post, Never Give Up, is certainly worth a read.

The Romaniacs, a group of writers giving useful advice and most recently posting about the Agent Hunter website.

The New Romantics, an inspirational and fun group of writers belonging to the Romantic Novelists' Association, New Writers' Scheme, who took their destiny into their own hands, published their own books and are going from strength to strength.

Just a few of the blogs I enjoy following.

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