Thursday, 16 June 2016

Publication Day!

It's celebrations all round in the Troy household! Today is publication for A Jersey Bombshell - book 4 of my Jersey Scene Series!

Spending years facing my laptop writing, rewriting and then rewriting again, it's difficult to imagine actually enjoying a day like today when my fourth book with Accent Press is being published. Well, it's not difficult to imagine, but I never truly expected it to happen.

Writing is a solitary craft. It can be fun, fascinating and also disheartening when you don't get signed up. But you come to realise you have two choices: stop, or carry on writing. Even when at times I wondered why I was kidding myself that anyone would want to publish, let alone read my books, I decided that I enjoyed storytelling and so pressed on. Today, I'm celebrating the hours I've spent alone in my imagination as I wrote/rewrote/edited... This is the ninth book I've finished, although I started several others along the way. I just hope others enjoy reading A Jersey Bombshell as much as I loved writing it.

Gabriel has returned to the island of Jersey after ten years abroad to help his aging showbiz parents revive their failing Art Deco hotel. This proves to be something of a challenge, especially as his singer father and actress mother are more concerned with staying in the limelight than keeping track of the cash-flow. Gabriel isn’t going anywhere fast …

Meanwhile, he’s stunned to find that the hotel’s new receptionist is the girl he fell in love with years earlier in Vietnam, and someone who is tied to Jersey is the last thing she needs …

If you buy A Jersey Bombshell I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think. 


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